Initial concept art by Cristian Santos

Firewake has it pretty good for a cop. After twenty-three years serving with the Addax Police Department, he’s become one of the best detectives in the city. Along the way, he found a loving wife, and they now have excitable twin six year old colts.

But this experience comes with a price. Firewake has recently been saddled with mentoring a junior officer, Zaffa, whose laid-back, reckless, and mare-chasing attitudes have landed himself in hot water one time too many.

Firewake and Zaffa’s tenuous bonds will be tested as they investigate the mysterious, powerful Sable Nox and his network of criminal underlings. As the two find out, he’s no mere gang leader or rogue scientist. Sable Nox is a psychopathic genius who, if not stopped, will gain godlike power and take over the planet.

Firewake is published by Rabbit Valley Comics, and all issues can be found there. You can also find issues in some physical retail comic stores.

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Firewake comics, except where noted, are safe for readers 12 or older. Issues will contain action and some violence, and may contain censored curses, implications or brief discussion of sexual and/or drug-related activity [primarily involving fictional drugs], and fictional war.

Firewake © Devon McBride-Wilson. Firewake is not related to any other franchise.