Detective Firewake

Occupation: Senior Police Detective

Age: 45

Level: Gamma

As the longest-serving and highest-ranked Detective in Addax’s Downtown district, Firewake is often tasked with leading the most important and highest-profile investigations in the entire country.

He’s never been one to take things lightly or carelessly, but he’s also not the biggest stickler for rules and regulations.

Roughly nine years ago, he met Cordia, a professional chef mare. They hit it off after finding they were both feeling distant from younger coworkers. The two were married a year later, and now have twin six-year-old colts, Metas and Blaze.

Firewake is the son of a Navy Admiral, though Firewake never really wanted to follow his father, and left the Navy port city home to move to Addax at 17.

Officer Zaffa

Occupation: Junior Police Officer

Age: 24

Level: Delta

Only three years after just barely graduating the APD Academy, Zaffa has racked up a number of admonitions, demerits and even warnings, due to his reckless style on duty, and his mare-chasing tendencies.

But his street smarts, cultural expertise, and athletic skills have proven useful, so the brass have assigned Zaffa to partner with Firewake, in the hope that some of his work ethic would rub off on Zaffa.

Zaffa’s parents never fully married, and his father left when Zaffa was still a colt. Though he would often stay with his travelling sales-stallion father on several occasions, they never formed a deep connection – except for the serial romancing and partying that Zaffa learned from him.

Sable Nox

Occupation: N/A

Age: 48

Level: Unknown

Sable Nox has, ever since graduating from a prestigious university at only 16 [under a false name], stayed in the shadows, and manipulated both the criminal underworld and legitimate corporations to amass power and influence.

He is a disturbed genius mastermind, obsessed with taking over the planet and instituting a perfect world. As he was born with an abnormally high magical potential, and has never stopped learning and developing new powers, that goal creeps ever closer with every scheme.

Sable Nox’s relationship with his daughter, Angel, is rather odd. He treats her as his most trusted soldier, his sole apprentice, and his most valuable tool. Combined, these seem like a real fatherly love – except his only real love is of revenge and gaining power.

Angel, on the other hoof, really loves her father, and always tries to get him to lighten up a little.


Occupation: N/A

Age: 16

Level: Gamma+

Angel, as Sable Nox’s daughter, inherited some of her father’s power, as well as some of his mental instability.

Angel was trained from a young age in both magical powers and how to navigate the criminal underground. Sable Nox tried to have her attend school under an assumed identity, but it did not work, as she got in too many fights and would skip classes too often. Though the work she did do was far above her classmates’.

Ever since, she’s continued to live with and learn from her father. Angel has developed a fascination with hexon-draining spells – especially those that involve sucking blood.

Her latest favourite pet is the custom-designed Puffbats. These magical creatures look like small, cute, puffballs with big eyes, at least at first. But Angel, with a single motion, can command them to unfurl their batlike wings and attacks enemies with their long, sharp fangs.

Angel has recently become the notorious gang leader mare Graith’s apprentice, keeping herself busy as Sable Nox gets involved in more critical and promising operations. Graith doesn’t always like Angel, but recognizes she has a lot of potential – and doesn’t want to irritate Sable Nox.


Occupation: Gourmet & Celebrity Chef

Age: 46

Level: Epsilon+

Though much of her extended family were involved in high art and fashion in Zorya, Cordia and her parents lived a rather humbler life in the big city of Addax.

Cordia became interested in cooking from a young age, and would go on to attend a notable cooking school before getting started in restaurants.

Though she proved an excellent chef, she broke through with her innovative recipes and flair for presenting them on screen or in text. She had only just started writing articles and appearing sporadically on cooking shows when she met Firewake.

He encouraged her to continue putting herself out there with her own dishes. When she later became pregnant with twins, her new recipes for expecting mothers became very popular.

But raising those twins became a job of its own, and only now is Cordia returning to cooking and appearing almost full time.