ISSUE 2 – Questions

Issue 2 Cover

A group of mobsters has been regularly causing trouble at Boroli’s, and Daselle calls Firewake for help. Zaffa volunteers to investigate, and ends up getting in over his head as he takes them on himself.

Meanwhile, Firewake goes out to meet with the mysterious, powerful biomancer mare Fancyber, who says she has valuable information for him.

And just what does Sable Nox want with the disgraced Dr. Ion?

Issue 2 is available now for preorder from Rabbit Valley Comic Shop.


ISSUE 1 – Signs

The Green Hat Gang is mysteriously broken out of prison and given new, more powerful spells above their Level. Firewake is called away from his family – on a rare day off – to help investigate and fight the Gang, who have been robbing banks across Addax. Can he stop them in time, and find out just who employed them?

The story begins with this first issue, available now, from Rabbit Valley Comics.

The digital release of the first issue, also from Rabbit Valley, is now available.

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