Near the Diplomatic District of Addax. [Art by Todd McMoshier.]

As we fly into the dark void, our hearts will always be tied to the glittering jewel of Zazemma.”

-Excerpt from Captain Ulrath’s speech, during first voyage to Zinazu

I will search, my love / from Ruuka below to Icefall above / Across all Zazima near and far / until I am where you are.”

-Passage from an ancient Agelonian poetry datacrystal

Zazemma is a large terrestrial planet, dominated by its sole sentient species, the Monocerans.

Using both their innate and learned manipulations – ‘spells’ and ‘techniques’ by some names – of Hexons, and their developed technology, the Monocerans have spread across the planet and beyond.

Zazemma supports just over nine billion Monocerans, living in various countries big and small. Over the millennia, they’ve formed an advanced civilization, full of skyscrapers, flying cars and battleships, robots and even starships.

The nation with the biggest city – and arguably the wealthiest nation of all – is Oryxia. It’s capital, Addax, is that very city, hosting more than 40 million in its metro area.

The major nations of Zazemma.

While there are dozens of smaller nations, only the Empire of Zorya and Gazellia [which shares a continent with Oryxia] approach Oryxia’s size, influence and power. Needless to say, the three powers have engaged in rivalries and even wars in the past. But right now, there is a general peace between them.

Zazemma is orbited by two moons – the tiny, airless Strayland, only useful for mining, and the quite large Mokora, which has a thin, but breathable atmosphere that supports small lakes and hardy mosses. The highly advanced empire that preceded the full establishment of Oryxia and Gazellia, Agelonia, left an ancient complex of mysterious buildings on Mokora, which are only now being uncovered and documented.